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Intentionally lo-fi, it's supposed to sound like one of those drops I made as a kid.

Tracklist and samples:

Unknown Artist - Found Tape
Why? - Thirst
Sad Policemen - Uninvolved, And We Are The...
Blue Spectrum - 30/500
Powerless - Untitled (GR209)
Hellfire D-Day - 2010-04-03 The Frying Pan
Unknown Artists - Sound Collage by The Blue Spectrum
DJ Vadim - Sound Colourisation
Stars Of The Lid - The Artificial Pine Arch Song
Sacred Space - Untitled (EXBX-126)
Sam Pink - Move In With Me
Pan To Scratch – Natura
Underklansmen - E.G.Y.
Mr Dibbs - Ugly And…
Wingtip Sloat - They Came With Margarine And In-Laws
Amocoma - Small Dark Sea That Was A Body
Dead Raven Choir - Bird Song
Rusted Shut - Heart Of Hell
Wolf Eyes - Post Civilization Music
Team Electrics - Untitled
Team Electrics - Press Play
Gavin & Stacey - Sandwiches
Andrew Coltrane - Dissolving Pallette
Glyphs - Three Mobile Apes With Gains
Dion McGregor - Food Roulette
Tim & Eric – Wake Mate
Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U
The Toxic Avenger - Teeny boppers
Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
Team Electrics - Press Play
The Toxic Avenger - Blind Bitch
Prick Decay - 3 Variations Of Chronic Delirium
Themselves - Lost Song
Unknown Artist - Found Tape
Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley ‎- Pure Imagination
Blue Spectrum - Opening Hanel Koeck
Digital Natives - Pipe Up & Salute
No Artist - Found Tape
Buck 65 - Lil' Taste Of Poland

Compiled & Mixed by The Blue Spectrum


released December 25, 2012



Blue Spectrum UK

An anything goes experimental music label based in West Midlands UK. We like skronk, vaporwave, dark ambient, HNW, musique concrete, goregrind and just about everything else.

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